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 برنامج ضبط أعدادات المودم لأقوى اشارة modem booster

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مُساهمةموضوع: برنامج ضبط أعدادات المودم لأقوى اشارة modem booster   الخميس نوفمبر 03, 2011 10:56 pm

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The World Wide Wait

Have you ever had your patience tested by the agony of waiting half an hour for a file to download, or the frustration of waiting for three minutes for each miserable web page to load? Well I have, and I am just so sick and tired of it all. Maybe I've got a lousy modem or I chose a bad time to surf. But is there anything any of us netizens can do about it? Why should we wait in line just to go anywhere on the web?


Modem Booster IS THE answer, apart from making sure your telephone line is in perfect condition and avoiding the net 'peak hour' .

What is Modem Booster?

Modem Booster boosts your modem speed literally from your current speed to nearer its maximum capability. It optimizes your modem settings so that there is quick and efficient data transmission between your modem, your ISP and the Web. It decreases the data transfer time. By optimizing your modem's settings, data transfer time is reduced so that you can surf, email and download significantly faster than before, even if it's peak hour on the web.

How does Modem Booster do it?

Modem Booster fine-tunes the settings of your modem until it is fully optimal and matches it with your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) settings. There is no need for you to enter any values or do hours of trial-and-error testing as compare to other "Modem-Tuning" programs. It's idiot proof! You simply need to select Auto Tune-Up and Modem Booster will do the rest for you!



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برنامج ضبط أعدادات المودم لأقوى اشارة modem booster
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